About Paro Home

PARO HOME is the work of designer Sarah Rhodes, based in Phoenix, AZ.

After years of client-based work, Sarah began focusing on home goods, starting with developing her proprietary candle line, and found that it brought her not only joy, but also a great deal of flexibility in being present with family.

PARO HOME candles are created by hand in Phoenix, AZ using an apricot, coconut, + soy wax blend, (They burn 20-30% longer than soy wax alone!) and they are phthalate-free, California Prop 65 ingredient-free (free of carcinogens), and vegan. In short - they are clean burning candles and we are immensely proud of them.

Our collection will grow, our packaging will evolve. For Sarah, it will always come back to candles and the indelible sensory work that
they do to make our homes cozy, welcoming, and personal. We hope you find your home scent here with us at PARO HOME.