Time to Focus

This post is in collaboration with Bona Floor Care, but all thoughts and opinions are my own! :)

I gotta be honest - I'm not type A. I hate cleaning. I could easily be okay living in a moderately messy place forever. (Am I the only one?) But the problem is that we have these extremely messy kids, and even I have a breaking point when it comes to having a messy house (nobody likes to walk on food, which as any parent of a toddler knows, is what inevitably happens after every single meal, snack, and even every moment in between. Like, how are you constantly getting crumbs everywhere!? Are there crackers stashed in every fold of fabric on their clothes? Are they leaking graham crackers or something?). And even though we live in a very small house, it still somehow takes up the better part of an entire day just to make the place feel clean, in order to mess it up again the next day.

When the team at Bona first approached me about a partnership, I thought, sure, this would be a good challenge for myself to actually clean a little more. Hah! But I didn't realize how FAST and EASY it would make keeping our floors clean. It's seriously crazy. I love using the spray - it smells good and even gives our vinyl faux-wood flooring a bit of sheen that makes them look so much better than they are. This morning, I put Loyal down for a nap, and had the floors mopped so fast, and then I was able to sit down and work on some of my plans for the new flip house before he woke up. Just having time to focus on things I love and enjoy is such a gift. And I have so much mom guilt when my kids run around the house and get dirty feet because of how bad the floors are, so in a way, this is like a gift to them, too. It's exhausting when your precious few moments of alone time every day are spent cleaning, right? Now all I need is a Bona mop that will miraculously do the laundry. ;)

Have you tried a Bona mop? I highly recommend! Let me know if you do! :)

*This post was sponsored by Bona, but again, all thoughts, opinions, and admissions of mom guilt are my own.*

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