Functional, modern design with a southwestern influence

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Your home is just as full of potential as all of the homes you love looking at. Let’s talk about using it.


Design Services

I offer design services for new builds, additions, renovations, investment properties, and even online design consultations. Click through to find out more about each service. (Coming soon)

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Learn About the Process

Curious about where design inspiration comes from? If you hire me, what does that look like? How ideas go from paper to real life? Ever wonder about the steps that those home renovation TV shows don’t portray (or hype up)? What is it really like to flip a house? Listen, I gotchu. You have Q’s and I have A’s. (Coming soon)

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I Blog, of Course I Do

Visit my blog, where I go more in-depth in each home design, share my resources, link to my sources when applicable, and share design inspiration! You’ll also probably learn too much about me, because I’m a mom, and the rule is that once you become a mom, you have to overshare. So them’s the rules.

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About Paro Home

It turns out that Sarah Rhodes is a pretty common name, so Paro Home was born. Find out a little more about my philosophy behind design, and what’s in the name.

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Let’s make some money together

Make your money work for you. Contact me if you’d like to invest in a home with Paro Home. Let’s make some cash together.