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Dress Up Your Entryway

Dress Up Your Entryway

Our days are sweltering lately, so I don't know about you, but heavy gardening outside this time of year is a big NOPE! Thankfully this project that I partnered with TruGreen on is very minimal outdoor work. ;) Today we are sharing how to dress up your entry way with some simple plants and planters as part of our series on boosting your home's curb appeal! This project is really more shopping than anything, and I love it because it's especially renter-friendly and easy to change around depending on the season and the plants you'd like to showcase by your home.

The supplies needed for this are pretty simple!

  • Planters
  • Plants
  • Potting soil & garden trough

TIP: To keep it looking interesting, when you're shopping for planters, remember to shop for planters of all sizes and throw in a couple of cool textures, too! For instance, make sure and get 1-2 large planters, 3-4 medium sized planters, and 2-3 small planters. Remember to shop for plants of different heights and types as well! This is purely preference, but I tend to love asymmetry around an entryway because it seems like it helps create a flow to feel more inviting.

So here is the entryway before we started:

It's cute and well-kept, but needed a little oomph, to give you a very technical word. Try and keep up!! ;) To see the "after," be sure and watch the video below!

Okay what did you think? I totally love how it turned out, if I say so myself! I found most of the planters at Target and some at our local nursery. If you're local, what's your favorite place for plant shopping? I'm always looking for more nurseries!

If you missed our past posts with TruGreen, you can see our wall garden HERE and our DIY fountain HERE. Be sure and follow TruGreen's Instagram page for a lot more ideas on how to live life outside!

This post was in partnership with TruGreen, because we'd like to encourage you to live life outside! But as always, opinions are my own.

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