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Cuter Tudor: The Beds + Baths

Cuter Tudor: The Beds + Baths

We now return to more Cuter Tudor stuff! As I've already shared about the living room and kitchen area (if you missed it, you can find that post HERE) I figured it was time to share more about the bedrooms and bathroom choices as well!

2022 W Jefferson St - After-IMG_1275.jpg

It's not a huge shock that I went classic black-and-white in these bathrooms. It's a historic house, and although I love modern touches, I also love preserving the old feel and character of these homes! I felt like a good compromise in the main bath was the larger black hex tile (I'm so in love with it - we found it on Overstock) but then chose the gray vanities at IKEA to soften the bold B&W palette. The wooden mirrors we found at CB2 (round one here and square one here), and the vanity lights are from AllModern. I'm not a huge bathroom design risk-taker but maybe that will change, who knows!? I'm working on it!

Now for the master bedroom, I definitely approached this room with a vision as well! As the home is historic, the bedrooms are small by today's standards, which meant that all of my choices for this room had to be very intentional as far as size goes! I LOVED this bed frame from AllModern and thankfully it wasn't very bulky and fit so nicely in this room! So many of the cool upholstered queen bed frames felt so much bigger and bulkier, but this one ended up being perfect (you can get it in several upholstery colors, too!). I also went with primarily white bedding to maximize the appearance of space, and threw that really cool woven lumbar pillow on top for some character. I found it second hand, as well as that painting over the bed! And I think I mentioned this before, but I'm obsessed with these stacking side tables from AllModern - perfect for a small space, right? (the clear ones are currently out of stock, but here are some similar ones- the light blue hue is so pretty. And here are some cool metal ones!) I ended up being able to use one in the living area and put the other two in the bedroom. They worked just right.

2022 W Jefferson St - After-IMG_1283.jpg

In the corner we put a traditional Mexican equipale chair (I LOVE these SO MUCH - you can sometimes find them on Chairish here) with some softer textures (like the cactus! So cuddly, right!? haha) and let it be known that Josh isn't a fan of these chairs, but I guess they have that kind of love / hate effect. Speaking of love / hate, that quote that says "If no one hates it, no one will love it" has kind of become my mantra when making decisions and dealing with negative feedback. It's so freeing to remind yourself of that! Just you do you! That was pretty off-topic I know, but just wanted to throw that out there because it's helped me so much!

Although this house is a 2 bedroom home, I decided to style one bedroom as a home office, as the neighborhood isn't a super family-oriented neighborhood, but I figured the buyer would be either a single person, or a married couple without kids. Do you recognize the desk from my home office post with AllModern? Hah! We are in transition ourselves right now and it feels like we are playing musical furniture, but hey it works! The small area rug was an Offer Up find. The light fixture is also from AllModern - I keep buying it over and over, but it's gorgeous and it's a great deal. In fact I'm forbidding myself from buying it for my next few houses but it's just SO HARD.

2022 W Jefferson St - After-IMG_1271.jpg

SO that's it for the inside of the house!! Did I leave anything out that you're curious about? Let me know!! :)

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