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Build Your Own (SUPER Easy) Fountain!

Build Your Own (SUPER Easy) Fountain!

Hey guys! I'm partnering again with TruGreen to show you how to bring more curb appeal to your home to help you Live Life Outside - and this time we are going to build a really easy little fountain. No tools required, you guys! That's how easy this is!

We made this quick little video to show you how! Below, you can also see my extra tips on building your fountain.

1. To make this REALLY easy on yourself, choose two planters of various sizes - bonus if the top one has a hole in the bottom already! I found these two planters at Target! Otherwise, you can choose any kind of basin for the top part of the fountain, but if it doesn't have a hole and it is ceramic, you will have to drill a hole using a masonry bit. The bottom basin does not need to have a hole - in fact, if it does have a hole, you will have to seal it up to ensure that the water doesn't escape!

2. Choose a small submersible pump for your fountain! The type of tubing you purchase depends on the opening the pump you purchase specifies. Our pump said the opening was 1/2", so we bought 1/2" tubing. Pretty simple!

3. When you use the waterproof silicone, you will need to give it at least 24 hours to dry before you expose it to the water! Through the magic of video we were able to make it look like this takes one afternoon, and though it really is not a time-consuming project at all (it maybe takes an hour to build, tops!), you will need to plan ahead and make sure everything is properly sealed and dried before you can add your water. :)

4. We chose to drape the the pump cord over the bottom basin and hide it behind the fountain (you can't see it from the front, but you can see it in the overhead photo below). If you want a little more of a discreet look, you can drill a hole into the basin and splice the cord, but ONLY do so if you know what you're doing (or you know someone who does). Electrical stuff is no joke, especially in close proximity to water!

5. We were able to find our pump, tubing, river rocks, and silicone all at our local hardware store! If you feel intimidated looking for them, don't be bashful about asking someone. :)

Let me know if you try this out!! I was shocked how easy a fountain is to actually build. I'm convinced my 3 year old could have done it, too - in fact, it might be a fun project to do with your little ones - why not!? Get outside and make something fun together! :)

This is part two of our series on ways to boost your curb appeal of your home or apartment - expect more to come (and click HERE to see how we built a wall garden). Be sure and follow TruGreen's Instagram page for a lot more ideas on how to live life outside!

This post was created in partnership with TruGreen, but all thoughts and ideas are my own! Thanks for supporting the companies that support us!

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