Spring Break Packing Tips with OshKosh!

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Not to brag, but Josh and I are kind of road trip professionals. If we ever have to choose between flying and taking a road trip, we will choose a road trip like every time. Let me ask you something: have YOU ever taken a photo with the world's largest pistachio WHILE FLYING? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

But you know, enter children.

Babies bring a whole new set of challenges on road trips and like a million more stops. But we've managed to make a few of them, so if any of you are planning on hitting the road with little ones for spring break, here are my little tips!

1. For toddlers: I don't know about your little one, but Imogen always has to be doing something. So while in the car seat, if she's not napping, she is in her own personal hell. (And incidentally, we are too.) My favorite trick for her is to bring along clementines or some kind of fruit that involves working on. She carefully peels them and puts the little peel pieces in a container, and she'll play with that for a good hour. AMEN.

2. Books! Loyal's finally getting to the age where he likes to curl up with a good book and decompress. Well not really, but he likes gumming on them, so.... same thing. But Imogen is lost without her books, bless her!

3. This little toy camera is my gal's BFF. Imogen likes to see me take photos and pretend to take photos too! (It's an old film camera but we don't put film in it.) I love getting the conversation started about what we like to take photos of, and she's fascinated by it.

4. SNAXXXX. Kind of a no-brainer but I like picking snacks that both Loyal can eat and Imogen likes to eat, so it makes things less complicated. You know? Ain't nobody got time for packing TWO SETS OF SNACKS.

5. Comfy clothes!! Comfy clothes are EVERYTHING on a road trip. Loyal's little jogger pants and pizza shirt (from OshKosh) are an outfit I would totally wear, PS. I mean, it's a shirt that says PIZZA on it so I had to get it, right? The slub knit shirt above - I keep telling Josh I wish it came in my size. And Imogen's light, breezy top is perfect for long car rides. Choose loose, soft clothing that will also look cute when you're stopping to take photos with giant dinosaurs, because you KNOW that crap is going up on Instagram!

6. It's not pictured, but for some reason, the Vampire Weekend "Modern Vampires of the City" album is like, audible voodoo. It's our road trip Ace card, because as SOON AS WE PUT THAT ALBUM ON, crying ceases, babies fall into a gentle sleep, angels sing, parents high-five. I truly don't know why it is, but it's worked pretty much every time.

7. And of course for the baby, little colorful toys that are easy to handle are the best. I like little toy chains, because they are fun for Loyal to play with, but they also can clip onto the seatbelt or shirt, and you can attach a toy to it so that he always has a toy in arm's reach. :)

If you guys haven't popped into an OshKosh store lately, you should - everything right now is killer (find your closest one HERE). And you can get 25% off until April 30 online with the code SPRING16, or print off this coupon to use in stores!

Okay- your turn, road trip veterans! What are your keys to sanity during your long car rides with little ones? Where are you going on Spring Break?


*I am a member of the Everywhere Society, who has provided me compensation for this post! But as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.

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