Pregnant in the Summer in Phoenix

"Pregnant in the summer in Phoenix, that'll be fun." - said everyone. I used to laugh and shrug it off; after all, I was pregnant through a summer in Phoenix with Imogen. Just not THIS pregnant. So I wouldn't call it super fun, but it's definitely doable! And it's nice to have friends with pools. :) But let's be honest. Being largely pregnant doesn't really feel great in any season, right? So we're just trying to stay positive, and "it's a dry heat" is a really popular phrase around here but it's really true, although even a dry heat presents its challenges in figuring out what to wear some days.

Yesterday the high was 109°, but we had life to live and stuff, so we decided to head out, run some errands, and take some maternity photos in the bright mid-day sun downtown. I haven't been great at documenting pregnancy this time around, so it's been nice the few times that we've remembered to shoot. And with a toddler, you just have to shoot when you can, right? No more waiting for this magic hour stuff, because magic hour happens exactly one hour after her bedtime, and that would be fun for NO ONE. Oh plus, something about feeling massively huge and insecure (32 Weeks). :) I'm the type that gains weight everywhere when I'm pregnant and I can't really relate to most maternity style posts, but I've found a few things that have worked for me this pregnancy!

1. THESE jeans have been my go-to.

They're light weight (the only jeans I can tolerate in this heat!), cheap, and stretchy. I order a size up and get a shorter length and then use the hairband around the button trick. So far this pregnancy, I've tried so many pairs of maternity jeans, and these beat them all by far. And no... Old Navy is not paying me to say this. Hah!

2. Buying shirts that you can wear after baby.

Maternity shirts, while comfy and ruched on the sides, are going to all be banned to the back of the closet once the baby comes. You'll want nothing that accentuates your post-baby belly, at all. Ever. In fact, you'll want to burn all your side-ruched shirts. So after having learned that last time around, this time, I went for oversized, flowy shirts that I know I'll feel comfortable in while I'm working on slimming down my waist after the baby comes. This shirt I found at Anthropologie actually last time I was trying to lost post-baby weight, so I know I'll still want to wear it later! (side note: I do think maternity tanks are worth the investment. I bought a few early on and they're great for wearing regular shirts over, because you'll need that extra length coverage.)


Lord knows those cute little feet of yours are gonna change too. My feet grew a half size when I was pregnant with Imogen! I love these clogs (the ones I'm wearing are the low wood brown oiled nubuck clogs from Lotta From Stockholm - LOVE THEM) and I also love their classic clogs because of how easy they are to put on (who wants to bend over with a giant baby belly? Not me, ever). I love the low wood clogs for how just a little bit of heel makes a gal feel a little more dressed up... and yes, they're so comfy too!

And of course I had to end it with a few photos of the one of us who isn't totally awkward around the camera. ;) Hah! My little tiny dancer. I can't help but take photos of her if she's around. You know?

It's so crazy to think that there's a little boy in there that we are going to meet in a couple months and love forever. What's he going to be like? Is he going to be like a little smaller boy version of IQ? Is he going to be so chill, or really rambunctious? Is he going to have freakishly tan legs like his sister or blindingly pale legs like his mama? Whoever you are, little guy, we already love you so much, and you are already loved by so many of our friends and family, too.

Extra sources// Imogen's shirt is from Geo Fox Apparel. Her shoes are Mini Melissa. My colorful bag was a lucky find at Junkee in Reno, NV. And thanks Josh for taking photos of us!

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