Feelin' Up Beet!

Now that the weather around here has been pretty warm (Last week we hit 100!) it's that time of year where I ONLY want to eat fresh and cold stuff because otherwise I wanna die. (Just a touch dramatic.) We've started juicing a huge pitcher to get us through the week and I am LOVING it! There's nothing like fresh juice first thing in the morning! (And I know the optimal time to drink juice is immediately after juicing, but a) we don't have time for that, and b) we do what we want!) Our favorite combo right now is a mega blend of beets, lemon, ginger, carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, and kale. We definitely notice a significant improvement in Josh's eczema and my asthma when we are drinking fresh juice regularly!

I've also decided to cut out caffeine and sugar for baby-growing reasons, which is NOT easy because they're my two favorite addictions. :) That first week is always the hardest, but already I'm feeling a ton better! And instead of having an iced latte every morning, my new thing I'm excited about is keeping a pitcher of iced herbal tea on hand. There's so many incredible kinds of herbal teas that it makes it *almost* as exciting as drinking coffee! haha. A couple of my favorites for summer iced tea: Jessie's Tea from David's Tea, Wild Orange Blossom from Teavana, and just a regular herbal mint tea that you can find at any grocery store (I like the one by Stash, and you can find it at Target).

If anyone has any fresh veggie recipes or juicing combos they love (or links to their healthy eating pinboards!) please share!! I'm searching high and low for new ideas at the moment! :)

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