Team Rhodes / Last Week in Missouri

On our last week in Missouri, before we packed the living room up (the rest of the house was in boxes!) our good friend Katie Day came out to take photos of us and I'm so grateful for her for doing this!! We did a little photoshoot trade (you can see the ones I took of her family with her cutie pie newborn daughter, Nora, HERE) and I can't tell you how much these mean to us. They represent the end of an important chapter for us, a home we loved, a place where Imogen spent her first year and lots of other firsts.

Thank you so much Katie for giving us these photos! It's crazy how much has even changed in the span of two months, and it'll be so fun to look back on these, back to the time when we only had one kid, and we had this crazy beautiful Victorian house, and I wasn't mega pregnant (only a little pregnant!). :)

And that's what happens when you try to dip a pregnant broad. ;)

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