Announcing - My Digital Print Shop!

Hey friends! Today I'm super excited to announce that my digital print shop is OPEN! (And today ONLY, all photographs are 20% off - no code necessary!) And I'm so glad, because secrets are hard. :) It's been a few weeks of photographing, editing, and narrowing down, but I finally have a collection that I'm really proud of, and I know each image would make a dynamic addition to your decor style (and add a little desert life to it, too, no matter where you are!).

  • Okay so first of all, what is a digital print shop?

In my digital print shop, instead of finding physical prints for sale, you will be able to download digital files of some of my favorite photographs that you can use for -anything- personal that you can think of! Postcards, small prints, large prints, stationary, scrapbooking, wrapping paper, magnets, etc. More bang for your buck!

  • Why did you decide to sell digital prints rather than physical prints?

A few reasons! First of all, I wanted this to be accessible to EVERYONE. Shipping physical prints overseas and internationally is expensive, and while it's already expensive to buy art, sometimes that added $20-$50 really hurts (not to mention tracking overseas can be unreliable). It always makes me sad to say "US only."

And speaking of money, my second reason is because I wanted my shop to be affordable. I want to give you the option to pay for a photograph at a really reasonable rate, and to be able to print it yourself will save you a ton of money as well. I could sell you an 8"x10" print for $30, or I could sell you a digital photograph for $10, and you could make an 8"x10" print yourself (for $2.89 from Mpix, who I highly recommend), making your total less than half of what it would typically cost you to purchase out right.

Thirdly, I wanted to give YOU the freedom to be creative with how you choose to display your art in your home, or send it out into the world via gifts or postcards, etc! Want to print a giant engineer print? DO it! Want to print a series of 5x7 photos for a small space? You can do that, too. 

  • What gave you this idea?

When we were moving into our old house, we had a huge space above one of the fireplaces that at first I wasn't sure what to put there. I was reading up on engineer prints and how you can print them for just like, $8 (!) and they're gigantic statement pieces. I thought it would have been perfect for that space. I began searching for some good stock photography that would fit in well with our style (I love showing other artists' work in our home - not just my own photos) and I really didn't find anything that I loved that would allow me to print the photo large for personal use, without paying a good amount of money. 

Fast forward to this past year when my BFF Julia called me asking for advice. They were decorating their AirBnb and they were on a budget, like most of us are! She needed good wall art / options, and my first thought was engineering prints (again, they're so cheap) but I wasn't sure what to tell her as far as choosing a photo for such a large print. This is where my idea was born (thanks Julia!! Hah).

  • Why mostly B&W photos?

I think this one was a more personal decision! I love engineer prints (have I said engineer prints enough times yet? Engineer Prints. Engineer Prints.) and so all of the B&W photos have been optimized for large print and tested (and look freakin' GOOD) in large print. That said, I also have a few color photographs up in the shop as well! And feel free to give me feedback, I need it! Want more color photos? Want something different for color photos? Tell me! :)

  • What happens after I purchase? How do I get my print?

Immediately after your payment goes through, the confirmation screen will have a link for you to download a .zip file that will include your photograph, a PDF with some of my printing recommendations, as well as a signed permission to print (some printers will require this). You will have 24 hours to download your file, so don't put it off! I cannot issue refunds, as this is a digital product. But please, feel free to use the contact form if you are having any issues! Once you download your .zip file, be sure to save your image in a safe place (external hard drive or cloud storage) since you are only able to download it once.

  • What's the fine print?

You know, there has to be a fine print somewhere, right? Basically each of these photos for digital download are for personal use only. This just means that they are copyrighted, and you are purchasing the use of them for your own personal needs. You cannot use them for advertising, for profit, for commercial print (magazines, etc.), or display them as your own work (obviously). If you have a question about usage, please contact me before purchasing! I'm open to granting other usages but bear in mind, each non-personal use estimate will be priced according to the intended usage and scope of audience. 

So like my friends Tom and Donna say, treat yo'self and have a look around the shop! And don't forget, all downloads today are 20% off (ends at midnight PST!). Yay! xo- Sarah

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