Out There

So, starting with about a week before we moved here, I stopped being able to sleep through the night and started doing the whole wikipedia-because-i-can't-sleep thing. For some reason lately I've been totally fixated on space.


A few things I've loved researching, in case you're bored:

Freaking NEBULAE (this link leads to an image search. I mean is that even real!?)

New Horizons Mission. In July of 2015, New Horizons will reach Pluto after a NINE YEAR journey and we will have the first photos ever of our favorite little dwarf planet! Pretty crazy.

Mars One Mission. (Wiki link here.) You've probably heard of this, but there are thousands of insane or adventurous people that have applied to be sent on a one-way trip to Mars in 2026. One way. Meaning, never coming back to Earth, willing to settle on a totally new planet. The first mission will send only four people. How do they hope to fund these missions and colonization? Reality TV, of course.

Black Holes. I still can't quite wrap my head around this.

There's a whole website that tells you how many people are in space right now. www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com NO JOKE. (There are currently 6, all on the International Space Station).

I love the photos and videos that the ISS Astronauts post to twitter daily, especially the ones showing the auroras over the earth. WOAH.

If you're really feelin' it like me, then you probably want this shirt from Hello Apparel as much as I do.

There's my little space round up. It feels wild to feel so insignificant in comparison to all of this, doesn't it?


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