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We live in the sunny desert city of Phoenix, AZ, and my secret goal is to make everyone else love Phoenix as much as we do! Feel free to reach out and ask anything. I'm glad you're here!

Packing up Park House


So who knew that a mere 9 months after buying the Park House and moving into it that we would be once again packing everything up and headed to a new place? Notice the tab at the top of my site that says "Park House?" Yeah that never happened. We started rolling with our projects and once we made the decision to move 3-4 months ago, we had to make it kind of a rush job to finish everything we had started so we could move on. (But if you're curious as to what we did get done, you can see our living room tour here, and our nursery tour here, both on A Beautiful Mess.)


A couple of people have asked me if I'm going to really miss this house. It is, after all, an incredible home. It's almost 150 years old (next year!), the ceilings are tall, the character upstairs is really cool and has more of a modern feel. But it's kind of a yes / no thing. Yes, because I still see that this house has so much potential in areas we didn't even get to make over. And no, because it doesn't feel like we were here long enough to establish a solid relationship with this home yet. You can't just immediately make a house a home, or at least I don't feel like I can! It takes time, it takes memories, it takes moving things around and finding your favorite spots. Josh will probably miss it a lot more than I will, mostly for our huge garage that he used as his workshop!

I've also had a few people ask / assume that we probably regret moving to Springfield, which is not true at all. This has been a great year for us. We loved the chance to work with A Beautiful Mess, we both learned a lot about what we love doing and what direction we are headed, and I always think moving to a new place can never be a bad thing! We found a great church and have a great group of friends here that we will miss a lot. How could we regret any of that!? Even if we could go back in time and take back our decision to move here, we would have decided to move here every time.

We're excited for what is next. We are going to be living in a much smaller apartment until we can sell this home and buy another home in Phoenix. I'm so excited to have a smaller space, mostly just because it's a lot less to clean. Hah! And as we're expecting another baby around in August, it'll be nice to lose that extra 1000 square feet of sweeping / vacuuming off of my to-do list.

We are beginning to load up the moving van on Monday, and we head out on Wednesday. Pray for us if you think of it! Yay!


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