What Lorelai Gilmore taught me about Community and Weirdos

I'm not the type of person to search deep into sitcoms to find a deeper message but I think this one hit me over the head as I binge-watched Gilmore Girls over the past couple months.

I'm a pretty socially awkward person. I like my group of small friends in real life. I think when people make me feel uncomfortable somehow that I avoid them. It's not a loving response, I know. But one thing I noticed as I watched Gilmore Girls is that Lorelai doesn't avoid the weirdos. And although it's totally a fictitious community, Stars Hollow? Totally saturated with WEIRDOS. Kirk? Weirdo. Babbette? Batty. Miss Patty? I have no words. Taylor? Get away from me you are strange. These are all people who I would avoid in real life with all of my might. But Lorelai chooses to live in Stars Hollow among the weirdos. And not just that - she doesn't avoid them. She goes to every one of Miss Patty's weird performance nights. She helps the cringe-inducing awkward neighbor guy and waters his lawn when he's gone. She watches Babbette's cats when they're gone. She goes to the town meetings which I could barely stand watching because Taylor is the worst. She humors Kirk's weird antics. At some points I could barely stand to watch the show because I couldn't relate at all, and then it started to bother me that I couldn't relate to showing kindness to people that are THAT different. You know? Lorelai is kind to these people and supports them, even though she has her core group of best friends, she still is loving to others. And that I am not. So, I'm not trying to get really deep here, and I'm not saying Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever so don't pigeon-hole me guys, but this realization came at a good time for me, as we are about to move back to a community that we loved, and sure every community has their weirdos, you know? I'm going to make more effort to not be such a weirdo by not being supportive and loving to people that I don't understand or connect 100% with. That's all. :)

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