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When I'm Walking, I Strut my Stuff.

Being the amazing and educational parents that we are, Imogen's favorite song at the moment is "Blister in the Sun" by Violent Femmes. She loses it laughing whenever we start singing it to her! It's kind of my go to trick these days to get her to laugh in photos. I hope it never gets old, but also I hope it gets old eventually, because at some point I'm going to have to think about changing certain lyrics, and I'm just not that creative. ;)

winter water factory with arrow and apple -2622.jpg
winter water factory with arrow and apple -2604.jpg

IQ is cutting four molars at the moment, which if you're not familiar with the agony that is cutting molars, it royally blows! Poor gal is in a lot of pain and although she is still happy and full of laughter, there are lots of moments that you can just tell she is really feeling awful. We've been trying to break up the monotony this week by getting out more (I'm a hermit, I am awful at this). Our good friend Rachel and her sweet little dude Smith (He is the BEST!) met up with us to walk around downtown and wound up at Kingdom for some girl talk, coffee, treats, and baby hang time! (Rachel was so kind to take these photos of me and IQ! THANK YOU Rachel!)

I am loving the days I get to spend with this little punk. I'm learning so much, getting to know her so much better, and I get to be there when she's hurting or excited or sleepy. I'm learning about myself too, and how much more patient I could stand to become! I'm learning about time management and schedules with a baby. I always thought when I had kids I wouldn't be one of those parents who's chained to a schedule. I wanted to be free and have the baby adjust to MY schedule. OH my gosh I am just laughing thinking about stupid conversations like that I used to have with my other childless friends. What dummies we were, thinking that schedules aren't really for moms!? Come on. I love having a scheduled nap time every day. It's like two hours of alone time of my day that I look forward to and desperately need to have and if I don't get it I will probably go BATTY. But you know, to each their own.

winter water factory with arrow and apple -2647.jpg

We recently found Winter Water Factory through their collaboration with Hazel Village and their dolls, and I'm absolutely in love with all of their prints! They're all creative and actually not cheesy, and the most impressive thing about their outfits is that they don't fade in the wash (This horse tunic has been washed MANY times before we took these photos).  I also love this Danish flower jumpsuit, and this Traffic Jam blanket would be such a great baby gift for a little boy, right? Doesn't it feel exciting to find really cool people making kids clothes we actually like? (PS - in visiting their site just now I saw that they're having a 40% off sale until TOMORROW. FYI! )

I was never a horse girl but for some reason this print spoke to me! Maybe Imogen will end up being a horse girl. You never know... I have heard that there's a horse girl in every family (cough my sister Carol cough!) so maybe that particular honor falls on IQ in this fam. Hah!

This post is in collaboration with Winter Water Factory, but all opinions are my own. Being a dirty liar isn't my thing. :)


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