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Well dudes, at the risk of this turning into a mommy-blog, this is going to be another post with photos of our daughter and thoughts on the parent life. When I think of being called a mommy I feel weird. And weirder still at the thought of this blog, written by a mom, with too many photos of our kid, is technically a mommy-blog.

As you may have read on my Instagram or on my last Casual Friday post on A Beautiful Mess, I decided about a month ago to go full-time with my highest priority job: being a mom. So... that involved leaving my full-time job as photographer. This marks week two of being home with IQ and already we have BOTH benefited so much from this transition. I feel more fulfilled as a person. Happier, more intentional (making meals, dividing up cleaning, teaching her, planning our days and our house escapes), and sure - more tired, but in the best way. I'm learning about coping through hard days, uncertainty in parenting moments, and giving grace to her, and grace to myself. I see such a difference in her, too: she's more cuddly, giving kisses all the time, she's learning new things every day, she's just a jolly little punk and we are having fewer fussy episodes now that she and I are just home together more. I am so sure that we are doing the right thing and I could not be happier, and I could not be more thankful for a husband that supports this new family structure even though it's a lot harder in other ways!

And so a couple of weeks ago we celebrated this little gal's first birthday. This was her first cake and sugary overload, so the faces she made at first were hilarious. It's been such a great year and I can't imagine how different life would be without Imogen in our lives. We love you sweet little wild child.

Her little headband is from Little Hip Squeaks, and her leggings are from Ollie Jones. These aren't sponsored - we just really love both of them. :)

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Suspenders and Pigtails

Suspenders and Pigtails