We've Stepped Out for a Bit.

Dear friends,

We've headed out for the next month to travel to DC, North Carolina, and our beloved Nashville as 3 of our radical couples are tying the knot! Along the way we're going to be spending much needed time with loved ones, and checking emails as frequently as we can, but expect a little bit of a delay in our response. Thanks for being patient with us! You can check the blog as we post previews of everything we're shooting, and if you're feelin' fancy, you can follow us on Instagram @arrowandapple or @subtletakeover! (He's private but he still wants to be friends.)

In the meantime, this lovely video from Merriment has been on repeat all day. I can't get enough of this song.

Have a great month you guys!

PS - The fanciest footwork in all the land in the photo at the top is by the lovely Courtney. You can lurk her blog here - & Sometimes! Love her. Posting a fun shoot with her soon so keep a hawk eye out for it.

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