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VSCO Film Pack 02

It's not very often that I have found a product to implement into my workflow that changes everything. Last year, I heard about Visual Supply Company and their Film Pack 01 presets for Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw that give you the tools to process digital raw files to give them a film look. I was hooked. (Credit where credit is due - Our friends Jim + Ravyn intro'd us to VSCO and answered about a zillion questions about their experiences with the film pack!)

I am SO excited for their upcoming release of the VSCO Film Pack 02! The Film Pack 02 is a completely different set of presets based on a number of expired and discontinued films. It was so exciting to play around with this particular film set, as I had actually used many of these films in photography school... before they were expired. Before I start feeling old again, here are some of my before + after's with some of the new presets!

Just as a disclaimer, I'm not being compensated for this post. I am just genuinely in love with VSCO's product. The best thing about their presets is that if your camera is supported, most of the time you are done with your photo in one click. Each of these photos was literally edited with one click. Such a time saver, you guys. More time shooting, less time editing! Isn't that the photographer's dream?

If anyone has any questions about the VSCO Film Pack 01 or Film Pack 02, feel free to ask. :) Enjoy your editing and keep an eye out for the Film Pack 02 release!!


The End of Summer

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