The End of Summer

Maybe this is the last little bit of summer for you, as it's about to wrap up around most of the US. For us in Phoenix, I think we still have a ways to go. I've never loved summer before, but this year we've had a really great season, one that I hope I remember. I hope I always appreciate the different seasons, rather than only longing for the next.

We've gotten to take a little bit of a break the past few weeks and rest before our busy season! Our good friends came to visit us last week from Seattle and Nashville, and it was awesome to be able to focus on our time together with them and to show them our HOT city! (Who visits Phoenix in August!? Dummies! jk!)

I snapped these photos of my beautiful best friend Julia in her pretty little sunhat one lazy evening right before sunset.

I know these are pretty redundant, because I was only after one particular shot, but I always like seeing the process behind getting the shot, and what comes out of it. :)

Do you enjoy the summer? What are your favorite things about this season, and how do you take advantage of the sunshine?

Portrait Lighting Workshop at Frances!

VSCO Film Pack 02