Announcing.... an Online Course in Lighting!!!!!!

Today I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm finally releasing an e-course for all things lighting!!

The past few months have been an absolute labor of love for me putting this together. The purpose of this course is to show everyone that you don't need fantastically expensive lighting equipment to have great photos. Most of the time, you can use what you already have!

The Study of Light covers everything from lighting outdoors to lighting indoors. The course is split up into eight weeks, although it's set up so that you can go at your own pace. You won't need an expensive flash or lighting set-up - in fact, I will show you how to use the environment you already have, as well as how to build your own indoor home studio (lights and all) for less than $50. Each week is interactive, and you'll also have a little homework too!

To take this course, you will need a basic knowledge of your camera, as well as knowing how to control your camera's white balance and exposure. You will also need the ability to run a few errands, or have a friend who can shop for you!

What makes this an interactive course? Each week will give you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you have (and have them answered!), and to post what you're working on so that everyone can see your progress!


Week One - This is our shopping week as well as a time for gathering inspiration! You'll receive a shopping list full of everything you'll need for the entire course.

Week Two - An introduction to learning about kelvins, different light temperatures and white balance, and a quick fix for your night shots.

Week Three - Learning about the different tools we'll use for lighting, an easy DIY for making your own scrim!

Week Four - Intro to outdoor lighting. You'll learn some basic lighting terms as well as how to identify different types of outdoor light, so we can duplicate it indoors!

Week Five - TOTAL outdoor lighting. This week is very involved as you'll be learning about everything there is to know about photographing outdoors, finding natural reflectors, and about finding solutions to bad outdoor lighting.

Week Six - I'll be going over how to use daylight when you are photographing indoors, and how to make the best out of the space you have.

Week Seven - TOTAL indoor lighting using one, two, and three lights, and learning to use your reflector and scrim!

Week Eight - Coverage for extra lighting tips and special lighting cases, such as photographing glass and metal.

*Also included is a Resources section for my personal favorite sources for photography equipment, software, extra tutorials, and online sources for purchasing course supplies.*




The Study of Light e-course is a little bit more than other e-courses typically run, I believe for a good reason. I've compiled and added on to my two years of photography and lighting education, as well as 7+ years of experience into a smaller course with a practical, more accessible approach to lighting, so that you don't have to go through two years of photography school, spending thousands on tuition and professional lighting equipment (like I did)! :) If you need great photography for your blog, shop, or even if you're another photographer hoping to up your game, this course is well worth it. I truly believe that excellent photography quality is what makes people take your image seriously! So, is your image worth it? YUP.

In order to purchase the Study of Light, click HERE or click the banner above!

I can't wait to get started! Can you? If you have friends that you think might be interested in the course, you can share it below on Facebook, or send a tweet with the hashtag #studyoflight. I can't wait to see the photos that everyone creates!

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