Announcement, Announcement, Announcement!

First of all, no, Mom, we're not pregnant. :)

But for real, this is EXTREMELY exciting and something Josh has been working on for awhile! I'm incredibly proud of him and all of his hard work!

The big announcement is that Josh is launching his own company, Subtle Takeover, for design, art, and his woodworking projects!

The site is now LIVE. What what!! Click the image to visit, or just bookmark

I'm so thrilled for Josh to finally be able to do his own thing! When Arrow & Apple started out, it felt natural to put his design alongside my photography, as both fields are visual and creative, and since we are husband and wife as well. But as his design business has grown (and still growing!) and as the photography end of things has grown as well, we decided both of our avenues need our own space. So henceforth: Arrow & Apple is strictly photography, and Subtle Takeover is where you will find all things design, art, and creation!

Hope you guys will show Josh lots of LOVE as he's poured himself into the new site.  Also, I happen to love hearing his voice more on the internet, so funny that guy. If you're into this kind of thing, you should also follow him on Twitter at @subtle_takeover, Facebook, and as of today we're both on Instagram, go crazy following us all over the internet! (On Instagram we are @arrowandapple and @subtletakeover.) And you know, he probably wouldn't be mad if you got him some congratulatory beers. Throwin that out there, local pals. ;)

And to close, here's a few photos I've gotten to take of him and a couple of his projects for the new site.

I love you, Josh!!




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