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#appleandshoe (Heather + Andrew) | Pittsboro, North Carolina | Preview

Hello all! Here's a quick preview from Heather + Andrew's gorgeous wedding set in lovely Pittsboro, NC. They're such a rad couple with probably the best sense of humor ever, judging by the various Arrested Development and 30 Rock quotes we heard all day. And if you're wondering about the #appleandshoe hashtag, they had the genius idea of creating a hashtag that all friends and family used when posting photos to Instagram, and all of the photos autumatically uploaded to the Apple and Shoe tumblr. Such a great idea you guys!!! Can everyone do this for their wedding? It was so fun to look though everyone's instagram photos from the day. Here are a few photos that Josh and I grabbed from their wedding!

Mike + Kaelah's Wedding | Nashville, Tennessee | Preview

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