Maurizio + Laura | Engagement Photography | Seattle, Washington

Ok, girls. Who of you has ever daydreamed about that handsome Italian boy coming to visit your town and sweeping you off your feet? And guys, any of you ever imagine visiting a foreign country and meeting a beautiful lady with the sweetest heart? Would you believe me if I told you this was a real story? Well it is. This is Maurizio and Laura and I am seriously so crazy about them! I love their story and I love how they've made their transcontinental romance a real thing.

We had such a great time shooting together around Seattle! We started off at the Frye Art Museum, and from there headed to Joe Bar for some much-enjoyed coffee (And! I learned a startling fact: Italian Soda isn't really an Italian thing! Why do we call it that? So misleading). While we were in the area we found the most charming secret courtyard, and it felt as though we were in Europe. I loved getting to follow Laura + Maurizio around on their scooter. We really had a completely fun day, and the weather complied and gave us some gorgeous sunshine, which made it even better.

Maurizio + Laura are planning a wedding in Italy! I'm so excited for them! :)

I LOVE the next photo. I love that you can just see the warmth in Laura's eyes. Laura, you are so lovely!

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