Kind of a Big Announcement...

So! The time has come when we announce, officially... that...

You might think we are gypsies - it sorta feels like we are! This will be our third state we've lived in in the past year, but we are planning on putting down some serious roots in Phoenix because we're buying our first home there!!

Living in Washington has been wonderful.  It feels like we've been in a really peaceful waiting room, if that makes sense. We love our friends here and the ahhhhmazing summer (when a hot day equals 85 degrees), but we've known this was just a temporary change for us, mostly because I (Sarah) am allergic to like, everything in this state! Sad!

We really prayed about it and it felt like an instant decision, that we would be moving to Phoenix. Ever since we made the decision, put prayer into it, went and visited and looked at houses... it has all felt pretty confirmed by the Lord to us.

We're pumped to press forward and to build our business over again in Phoenix!! So in order to get the ball rolling, we're implementing the great BENJAMINZ REFERRAL REWARD!

The deal is:

If you refer a friend in the Phoenix area that books us to photograph their wedding...

WE give YOU a crisp $100 bill.

You know what? If you live in the Phoenix area and you want us to shoot your wedding (but don't have a referral) we'll give you $100 Off!

We'll be doing this Referral Reward until March 31st, 2012, and it only applies to weddings in the Phoenix, AZ area. :)

We'd really appreciate your help spreading our news and helping us get a leg-up in a brand new home! And even if you live in the PHX area but don't know of anyone getting married or anything, we'd love if you said hi! We love new friends!

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