Nashville Bucket List: Thai Phoo Ket

Amazing Thai food in Nashville is a real thing, it turns out. Josh and I just found out about Thai Phoo Ket a couple of months ago, so we've only gotten to go a few times. But it's a amazing. A. Maz. Ing. Try it out if you're in Nashville - it's just on Woodland, right across from the stadium on the East Nashville side. Looking at the building you probably wouldn't think much, but just give it a chance. It's a great local secret.

The summer rolls with hot peanut sauce are my absolute favorite! I could just eat a meal of these. Not a bad idea, actually.

I'd hoped to grab a better shot of the front of Thai Phoo Ket, but it was pouring down rain as you can kinda tell. :) But rain or no rain, Thai Phoo Ket is a wonderful lunch spot that we'll miss.

We've got a few more of our Bucket List stops to post! I appreciate you guys' patience with us right now. Moving is sorta crazy but we'll get through it. For anyone keeping count - we will be gone in a little over five days. Wow.

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