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Nashville Bucket List: Crema

Almost three years ago, my roommate Hannah came home after work and told us all about this new coffee shop near her office. "It's called Crema, and she makes the best Americanos I've ever had!!" As a house full of former baristas, our expectations were high with an announcement like that. But just like that, one trip to Crema and I felt like I'd never had coffee the way I was meant to until that moment. Their impressive quality as consistent as a ticking clock. If coffee is your love language... oh my gosh, just do yourself a service and GO TO CREMA. (My favorite is the Cuban. It's like falling in love when you drink it hot, and it's perfect iced on warm sunny days.) I'd recommend trying all of their specialty drinks. I'd recommend going there every day of your life, also. ;)

Our good friend John works there and kindly let me take a few photos of him. I love when friends don't have an aversion to being in front of the lens (like I do).

Crema also has aaaaaamazing quiche.... which is probably my favorite food. I'm not a food photographer but I secretly want to be.

I love that Crema uses coffee beans from local roasters.

We'll miss this little coffee spot... but I hear that the Seattle area might have a good coffee shop or two. ;) Looking forward to trying out this "Starbucks" place we've heard alot about. Just kidding. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to handle 30 ounces of burnt coffee.


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