On Le Road Again... | Travel Photography

It's hard to believe, but one week ago we packed up our car and left Nashville for good - heading west! Here's a bunch of snapshots from the past week on the road. We have (so far) been to Little Rock, AR, Oklahoma City, OK, Lubbock, TX, and we're just leaving Alpine, TX and heading to Phoenix, AZ. The transient life is pretty fun, and I love getting to see how each city is so different. We adore the small town of Alpine where Josh's sister and brother-in-law live. It's the most quaint and adorable town with so much character and a little Mexican flair. The weather has been absolutely perfect - 80 degrees during the day and a little chilly at night! I hear there's snow up in Nevada though, so it's kind of like we get to have a tour of the seasons in three weeks. Pretty cool.

Layla, our cousin Amy's cutie pie dog.

Amy, Walt, and Lizzie

This one rest stop had a beautifully creepy oasis of trees, and futuristic tee-pee picnic table shelters.

My sweet grandparents.

Sadie, our brave road warrior traveler co-pilot.

Fell in love with this couch...

And with this shop (and everything in it).

Josh and his lovely expecting sister, Sarah! Yep - when we got married, there were two Sarah Rhodes' in the family. I guess it's like the most common name of all time. ;)

We went to this restaurant for lunch called Texas Fusion. It was amazing. Their salsa was SO HOT that my eyes watered for several minutes. Not for the east coast faint of heart.

On the right is Sarah and her husband, Woody (whose wedding you may remember HERE and HERE) in front of the student ministry that Woody leads.

At this very moment we are driving across Texas on to Phoenix (oh the sorcery of scheduled blogging!). Any requests for places we should go? And yes.... we will definitely go to Lux. :) Hope you guys enjoyed this first installment of the great moving road trip photos.

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