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Our Nashville Bucket List Begins!

Hey everyone! We're pretty pumped for this new series we're doing on the blog - Our Nashville Bucket List! Josh and I sat down and made a list of all the places in Nashville that we're going to miss the most, and have to go at least one last time before our big move. I hope we can fit them all in! Nashville definitely has so many great spots. Oh sigh.

So first up on our list is.....


Ru Sans.

Yeah, I know a lot of you locals are cringing. Yeah, we know Watanabe and Battered 'N Fried are better sushi spots. But Ru Sans has been our cheap sushi date staple for the past three years! 3 piece Maki rolls for $1.50? Yes please. It's definitely not the best sushi of all time but it's good for that I-Gotta-Eat-Sushi-Like-Right-Now feeling that conveniently hits when our pocketbooks are short on cash. Also, where else can you go eat sushi and simultaneously listen to club remixes of all your favorite pop songs ON TOP VOLUME?

Ah, and it's located right next to Urban Outfitters. I think Josh's favorite part of our Ru Sans dates is trying to talk me out of going into Urban Outfitters afterwards. He usually wins.

I looooove the tempura sweet potato.

It was our first time being seated at the bar - which is right in front of where they're busy making sushi rolls. I kind of liked sitting in front of all of the colorful crabsticks and raw fish.

We're really looking forward to fresh seafood and sushi in Washington, though. ;)

So that's one down, and around 15 places to go - hopefully we can squeeze them all in! We'll be updating the blog with everything the next two weeks, so keep checking back.


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