siblings + 2010 moments

Since Josh and I came back to North Carolina for Christmas, we decided to take photos of all of us for a Christmas gift for our parents since the only time this tends to happen is at weddings. :) It was a fun secret to keep, and fun for me too since I rarely get to see my siblings! So meet my sister Carol (and her husband Jeremy) and my brother Mitch. These are the two kids I bickered with over cross-country road trips (driving our parents crazy I'm sure), built tents with out of sheets every Christmas eve, tricked into digging up clay out of our creek for weeks on end, danced to New Kids On The Block together (unfortunately in front of the video camera), and we're still close to this day.

Here's Mitch. In 2010, he hiked the entire Appalachain Trail from March until August. I still can't believe he did that but he's got a whole online journal to prove it.

Here's my sister Caroline and her husband Jeremy. In 2010, they got married in February - their wedding was so gorgeous and it snowed before the big day! They make such a great couple and aren't too cool to be goofy.

And then you probably know Josh and I. Carol took these photos of us. In January of 2010 we launched Team Rhodes officially and I got to quit my job and pursue photography full-time. We've had a crazy great year and decided to move to Seattle. I love being married to someone who dreams of getting the most out of life with me! We're blessed beyond words. We're so thankful to you guys, who have spread the word about us and helped us pursue our dreams by letting us photograph your lovely faces!

In 2011 we are officially re-launching Team Rhodes with a new name and a more clear direction! The timing is perfect as we are changing locations and we don't want the whole two-Sarah-Rhodes-in-Seattle thing to be confusing. We hope everyone will see this change as an awesome thing as we do! We will be re-launching sometime in February it looks like, but we'll definitely let everyone know with a bang!

What are you most proud of from 2010? Does anyone still do New Years Resolutions anymore - what are yours?

I bought a yoga mat last week. My one resolution is to actually use it. :)

Happy New Year!

turning snow into... snowcones!

snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes!