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a few photos of wonderful friends.

We finally just got back to Nashville after being gone for a month! We hadn't planned on being gone so long, but some crazy things came up and things never turn out how you plan I guess. The great part about our extended vacation was that we got to visit so many friends we haven't seen in such a long time, which we were so glad to get to do right before we pack up and relocate to the opposite coast. This past week, we got to visit with a bunch of friends from when I (Sarah) was in photography school - Savannah, and Graham and Melissa. Savannah wouldn't let me take any photos of her sadly! But Graham and Melissa did - they're expecting twin girls in about six weeks! Graham and Melissa, on top of their photography business, run a local beef farm full of happy cows! It was awesome having a look around their farm and hearing about what it's like to take on a farm full of cows. The land the farm is on has been in Melissa's family for 300 years - I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) that Melissa said her family was the original owner of the land, like ever. Pretty crazy. If anyone is in the Charlotte or Statesville area, check out Murdock Farms for your good local beef!  But yes, of course, back to the photos...

Friends are probably (for me) the easiest to photograph. It's easier when the person in front of the camera is totally comfortable with the person behind the camera. It makes the whole thing a lot less awkward, because let's be honest, having your photo taken can absolutely be sooo awkward! We really try hard to avoid that happening, ever. It's important to us that whoever we photograph can be as comfortable with us as our lovely friends are.

Next up we have some photos of my beautiful best friend Kristy and her sweet new son, Owen. I have to admit... I'm the proudest honorary Auntie ever. I was so incredibly eager to meet this little guy! I met Kristy in photography school and we've been so close ever since. I stood beside her on her wedding day and heard her elated voice on the other line right after Owen was born! It's been awesome to have such an amazing best friend that I get to walk along side with during such important life changes. I really love her - and her husband Cory's pretty awesome too... I knew I approved of him when he beat her at Trivial Pursuit.



HOWHY project

turning snow into... snowcones!