a moment of transition

This past week has been one of silence on this blog but our week has been far from silent! We decided kind of randomly to have a house sale and try and sell most of our belongings to prepare for a super awesome transition next year. And when you think about all things accrued over a combined 57 years of life, you get just a ton of things you don't even really need! It was hectic, chaotic, sad, and fun. On Saturday morning so many friends came by and hung out, supported us, and shared coffee with us. Here's a few photos from the week leading up to our giant house sale! Sadie (our dog) was so worried and confused all week with piles of books in her normal sleeping places, and with all the furniture being shuffled around.

Really the fun thing about this week was being able to do all of this with Josh like a joint project. He's so amazing - even got up with me at 5am on Saturday and started doing dishes. What a beefcake. :) I'm just such a lucky woman to have Josh and Sadie - our little family!





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