ashley + justin: married!! (part one)

I met Ashley shortly before she and Justin were engaged. I remember the glow bursting from Ashley's face when she showed me her ring for the first time, and excitedly told everyone around how Justin arranged a proposal that was beyond movie-script worthy, and full of butterflies. I love that everything in those moments would lead us to a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, and as we all watched Ashley walk arm-in-arm with her dad towards Justin, our hearts all rejoiced along with theirs.





I absolutely love all of the handmade elements of this wedding - the hand-sewn flower garlands, the lace-wrapped jars of homegrown flowers, and the flowerpot place cards. I also love how all the girls' looks are unique to their personalities! Plenty more to come... including a gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate wedding cake! Best wedding cake I've ever had. :)

Where oh where...

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