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the facts were these!

There's so many avenues that everyone draws inspiration from. Inspiration is one of those fickle things that comes and goes and pops up unexpectedly, and isn't there when you need it sometimes! This past month has been a month of seasons starting to change, and I feel like for me personally it's been more of a time of definining my own style by finding things that really inspire me. There's a lot of beauty to look at in this world!

There's not a whole lot of television that completely is inspiring from start to finish and everything in between. This month Josh and I started watching Pushing Daisies, a show that sadly only lasted for two short seasons. Everything about this show was so perfectly and beautifully styled and planned - it's delicious to watch! The colors are all so vibrant and it's almost artistically drawn. I love everything about this show, from the design, to the wit, and the way that it's narrated, almost as if it were a storytale. With images and styling this beautiful and meticulous, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not watch it. Simple! 


Item Two: my new music crush is Karen Elson, who actually lives here in Nashville. If you haven't heard her hauntingly beautiful music, here's a song from her record, The Ghost Who Walks. I'm so grateful to our good friends Jesse + Julia for introducing me to her music - I've been listening to it all week and it's been perfect. Her records is even peach-scented! Plus.... she's lovely.


(source)What are some things that have inspired you lately? Music, art, visual, literary, even superficial? The funniest things make my brain click into motion lately. I guess the point is that we STAY inspired, right?



a moment of transition

you were meant for amazing things.