you were meant for amazing things.

This song "Umbrellas" by Sleeping at Last has been completely inspirational to me today. I love when I hear a song and it wakes up something inside me! This band is totally gifted and beautiful. (Sara! This song is for you. For real. You were meant for amazing things.)

Today my friend Sara and I took a fun coffee / tea / pastry date to Fiddlecakes on 8th Ave in Nashville! This place is soo cute, and they had tons of gluten free goodies. We're so ready for autumn to hit - this is our way of summoning cooler weather! Because how else does drinking hot tea in 96 degree weather make sense? Side note: I'm super excited for all the fall portrait shoots I booked this past week! My brain is overflowing with ideas and inspiration. SO EXCITED.

the facts were these!

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