Elsie + Jeremy are engaged ♥

There's soo much I want to say about these photos I'm about to share! I think a good place to start is to introduce to those of you who don't know this insanely talented couple, Elsie + Jeremy. Elsie Flannigan is one of the most inspiring people to me - she's a designer, a painter, a crafter, an entrepreneur, a blogger, (I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton also), and just opened up THE sweetest vintage dress shop / cupcake and bubble tea joint in Springfield, Missouri, alongside her sweet sister, Emma. Jeremy Larson is a crazy talented musician! The song posted above is from his side project Fort Christmas's EP, Feathers. The entire EP is about Jeremy + Elsie's relationship. Not only is that the sweetest thing ever, but the music is sooo incredibly good. You should own this album!

This whole photoshoot was weeks of brainstorming and planning in the making, and we shot for six hours! Can you smile for six hours!?? Because Elsie and Jeremy totally can. They were super fun to work with and naturally, Elsie being one of the most creative and unique people I can think of, all of the concepts were refreshingly original and so fun. (This is just a peek - this is no where NEAR all of the photos we took! More to come!)

Elsie and Jeremy, I seriously had the most fun photographing you guys! Thanks for making me feel so at home in Springfield. And special thanks to Emma too for being so welcoming, for having the best cupcakes and bubble tea ever (I've been craving it ever since), and for being a champion confetti thrower! ;)

And for those of you seeking wedding style inspiration, be sure and bookmark Elsie's new blog, Le Wedding Party. It's so lovely and inspiring!

 And now what you're really here to see...

Love in Comics!

one last picnic before the winter comes