this family is sweeter than molasses.

I gave you guys a preview of this session a week or so ago because I simply couldn't wait to share it - the magical cotton field, the golden sunlight, and this beautiful family (who incidentally are some of my favorite people ever) - it was a perfect evening at the historic Sam Davis Home. One thing I really love about this shoot is that each photo just overflows with love. 

Besides being a beautiful family, these lovely people are very dear friends of mine, and reason #19 why leaving Nashville will be difficult for me. (I estimated at the number, but it's probably much higher than that). We've known each other for several years now and I've been SO blessed with their friendship and all the sweet things that go along with being friends! Josh was roommates with them before we were married, and Julie and I have been neighbors, co-worker coffeeshop baristas, and crafty friends. I remember how much joy and emotion filled the moment Julie told us that they were pregnant with Ivy, and how we all jumped up and down when we got the text that Ivy was born. I have to stop typing or I'll start crying - here's some photographs to distract me. :) Hope you all enjoy!


we will become a happy ending

Boots + autumn leaves