where is your home?

I'm embarrassed to say it's been much too long since my last blog! Things here at casa Rhodes have been super crazy. We're in the middle of going through all the steps of moving which includes yard sales, disorganization, things pulled out everywhere, and your basic forms of chaos and disarray. I have to accept that for the next few months, our home probably won't look like it was pulled from the pages of a magazine, and to be honest, this huge change makes my heart hurt a little. I was sorta lamenting this to my friend Sara the other day and she gave me such good advice - I thought I would share. She said her dad was the first one to tell her that a woman feels like her home is actually a reflection of her, and that is why home is so precious to us girls. And so as I thought about that, Sara encouraged me to make other projects, like this blog, like photography, and like my crafty projects - to make those my home instead.

So here I am, cleaning the cobwebs off of this poor little neglected blog and making it so sweet and welcoming instead. Because this is my home! And for any local girls, my friends and I are going to be hosting an all-day handmade christmas fair on December 11th. I'll blog more on that soon! But most of my spare time has been spent chrocheting, sewing, and making candles this past week. It's been so fun and inspiring to me to have this huge project to work on!

Also!! I'm super late on this, but last week I was again SO honored to be featured on Elsie's sweet blog as part of her Tricks + Treats series! Follow this link for my how-to on making graphic soaps - a really great Christmas idea. And browse through the rest of them as well! So many awesome DIY's on her blog.

I hope this post was useful to someone at least! I'm sure I'm not the only lady out there in transition. :) It can be difficult at times but I'm really looking forward to where all of this transition is taking us.

Boots + autumn leaves

A quick look!